Dining Out

Mull means to study, ponder, and ruminate, which is great if you don’t have any holiday guests, but in the drink context, it means to heat and spice.

If you have really good friends on Martha’s Vineyard, do not casually mention that you need beach plums.

What amazing creatures. What an honor to spend even a little time outside observing what they do to make the world go round.

No, there aren’t any vineyards on Martha’s Vineyard. Nor are there any wineries. Many a tourist’s hopes have been dashed upon discovering this is not the Napa of the East. Still, there are plenty of wild grapes.

The venerable concoction is popular on the Island, in part because sailing is a big deal here, and most anywhere more than one sailor gathers, rum is probably going to show up.

The secret is out. Black Sheep, a picnic-to-pantry specialty food shop and take-out operation is the place to be at lunchtime in Edgartown, thanks to Chef Judy Klumick's specials.

Will you join me in raising a glass?

Let’s face it, when the thermometer begins to hit summer highs, there is nothing as cooling as a frosty mug of beer.


Dining Out