Dining Out

On the following pages, you’ll find details on a variety of foods and ingredients you can find in the springtime on the Island – in your backyard, in fields, in forests, and on beaches. Plus recipes for strawberry knotweed pie, watercress spring rolls, and candied violets.

For many of us, preparing a meal can be an inspired event. For professional artists, the cooking bar can be even higher – as a new Island cookbook explores.

This is the tale of a marriage, a home, and a berry patch.

Just because we’re on an Island where seafood is particularly tasty, doesn’t mean we don’t want to surprise our palates with some dishes that come from faraway lands.

Legend has it that in 1816 Henry Hall of Barnstable County cleared the brush from around some native cranberry plants, and as a result, sand from a nearby dune blew onto the plot.

Many of us can remember a time when indulging in a truly memorable meal was much like finding a piece of blue sea glass – it could happen, but it was a noteworthy event.

Like clockwork, each Thursday afternoon before dinner service begins, Chef Christian Thornton greets West Tisbury grower Krishana Collins at the back door of his restaurant.

These desserts are designed to impress, but luckily Heather Gude’s tasty creations aren’t too difficult for mere amateurs.


Dining Out