Baking Together

Grab what you need from the pantry and the fridge and make these warming bowls of winter comfort.

Here's a cookie for any occasion, any time of day.

Slice. Bake. Eat. Repeat.

Perfect for a small crowd, these soft buttery rolls aren't just for the holidays.

I devised a recipe to serve a small crowd. No stand mixer needed — I've got lots of tips for hand-kneading.

Folding the dough a few times (as if you were making puff pastry) is the secret to lofty, layered, peel-apart biscuits.

A great technique yields lofty, peel-apart, cheese-studded biscuits.

A fun nod to toaster tarts (but oh-so-much-better), these mini tarts are satisfying to make and wonderful to have around with guests in the house.


Baking Together