Piece of Work: Chappaquiddick Wood Company

“It’s grown here, made here, and never leaves the Island until someone takes it off,” says Pinerio. “I love that I’m making something that is completely from here.”

Piece of Work: Lois Kessler

Lois Kessler is keeping alive the old art form of sailors’ valentines.

Piece of Work: Anthony Benton Gude

“For me, using atmosphere and light conveys a sense of place and the feeling of a place, and it’s always an important aspect of what I’m painting.”

Piece of Work: John Holladay

“Some people play golf, some do yoga, some go to church. This is my meditation. I get so into it I don't even know where the time goes."

Piece of Work: Sara Thompson

“This is the first body of work that I’ve invested in this realm and I want to keep going. And the spoons are just an ongoing curiosity and investigation.”

Piece of Work: Abe Pieciak

It wasn’t trash, it was a Trash Lobster!

Piece of Work: David Wallis

“I am going in a new direction. It is fresh and new and not what I normally do… And taking a risk in life is important to do.”

Piece of Work: Stephanie Danforth

“I love working in a square. I feel as if it’s like a hug, a contained space. I love to get up close – paint bigger than life size. I like to engage.”

Piece of Work: Jennifer Christy

“I’ve always focused my paintings and sculpture on the abstract,” she said.

Piece of Work: Colin Ruel

“I was influenced by the colors of the ’80s, TV commercials, movies, the colors around me. I’ll look at a painting and think, ‘Oh wow, that was my mother’s comforter.’”