Modern technology is key to understanding the mysteries and science of sharks, says marine biologist Greg Skomal, the Discovery Channel’s “shark guy” and one of the world’s leading shark experts, who talked to us at his office in Oak Bluffs before leaving for Saudi Arabia this spring to tag sharks.

Jim Miller

As a medical herbalist, I teach people about the wild edible and medicinal plants growing near us, and one of the requests I get most is for poison ivy remedies.

Holly Bellebuono

Researcher Luanne Johnson began studying skunks to see if they were a threat to shorebirds, and ended up finding them a fascinating subject in their own right.

Margaret Knight

Have you been laid low – yet – by this bloodsucker the size of a pinhead?

Mike Seccombe

When a skunk comes a-knocking . . .

Shirley W. Mahew, Sally Bennett, and Jib Ellis

Baby birds in trouble. Endangered. Who wouldn’t want to save the piping plover at almost any cost? All you fishermen, senior citizens, and second graders who’ve lost the use of your favorite beach, line up here.

Kate Feiffer

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, black-capped chickadees sing the exact same song. From Chappaquiddick to Aquinnah, they sing something completely different.

Christine Schultz

Two Oak Bluffs 
girls, friends since kindergarten, spend months at the crow hollow horse farm getting ready for the agricultural society horse show.

Brooks Robards